San Francisco 49ers “The Long Game” Exhibit

Levi's Stadium - Santa Clara, CA

An historical exhibit of social justice as told through iconic sports figures and moments in the Bay Area.


The Project

This unique exhibit transforms a portion of CambridgeSeven’s iconic 49ers Museum to integrate a series of life-size graphic panels, artifacts and video clips that engage visitors in topical social justice stories, including the housing discrimination Willie Mays faced in San Francisco; Tommie Smith’s and John Carlos’ silent gesture on the 1968 Olympic podium; “Sexism and Equal Opportunity” as told through Brandi Chastain and female coaches who have broken gender barriers; and Colin Kaepernick’s iconic protest that pushed the conversation about anti-Black racism on a global scale.

The goal of this exhibit is to become an educational tool that generates discussion.

Al Guido, 49ers President

Team Leaders

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