Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame

Calgary, Alberta

From hockey to horse racing, Canadians’ passion for sports is celebrated with exhibits as exhilarating as the events and people that they honor.


The Project

The stories and legacies of Canada’s athletes come to life through a rich mixture of innovative and exciting interactive exhibits, as well as more than 100,000 cherished sports memorabilia on display. For sports fans as enthusiastic as these, only a truly immersive experience would work.

The Approach

Working within the parameters of the new building’s design, the exhibit circulation was inspired by the base building’s series of bays. Designed around a central atrium, the gallery bays radiate off a timeline exhibit ramp that spirals down through the Grand Hall.  The exhibits convey the same intensity and excitement of the sports through judicious use of audio-visual effects, lighting and interactive programming.

The Result

Twelve themed galleries organized by sport and motion, showcase the achievements of athletes who have made significant contributions to 65 Canadian sports. These galleries, located on multiple levels, surround and circulate around the Grand Hall, the monumental space featuring the Hall of Fame and six national trophy exhibits. Digital storytelling, multi-media walls and floors, life-sized statues and custom displays all work together to elicit the excitement and pride of national sports history.

Interactive Galleries


Exhibit Space


Sports Memorabilia


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honored legends


Virtually every storytelling device is used in this massive, multi-level experience, and the experience never becomes repetitive or timeline derivative. Visitors are immersed in a complete Canadian sport experience.

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