Pulichino Tong Business Center

University of Massachusetts Lowell - Lowell, MA

UMass Lowell Business Center - CambridgeSeven

A new facility that creates transparency between the University’s engineering program and business school, and fosters collaboration in the process.

UMass Lowell Business Center - CambridgeSeven
UMass Lowell Business Center - CambridgeSeven
UMass Lowell Business Center - CambridgeSeven
UMass Lowell Business Center - CambridgeSeven
UMass Lowell Business Center - CambridgeSeven

The Project

UMass Lowell is a nationally recognized research university with roots in technology and science. The administration wanted to augment these academics with a new center for their Manning School of Business that explored the business side of technology and capitalized on the entrepreneurial nature inherent to both areas of learning.  The University’s vision was to create transparency between the two programs, so that each would inform and inspire the other.

The Approach

The placement of the Business Center in the midst of the campus’ new Innovation District, the heart of their engineering program, was a deliberate choice, creating serendipitous interaction between business and technology. The Business Center’s open and inviting plan, transparency and configuration complement the business school’s revamped curriculum and encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration.

The Result

The new building also has a seamless and natural connection to the abutting 1970’s Lydon Library. This helped present a fresh face on the main avenue and created a major outdoor plaza on an area of campus that did not have one. And in anticipation of inevitable campus expansion, the building’s western façade was designed to easily integrate with future phases.

Total Area


Academic departments housed


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LEED Certification


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Break-out spaces


This is much more than a beautiful building. It is an inviting, vibrant space that will promote innovative collaboration and learning between faculty and students, which, to me, is what UMass Lowell is all about.

Rebecca Foley, Pulichino Tong Family Foundation Scholar, UMass Lowell ‘17

Team Leaders

In The News

Metal Architecture - January 2, 2020

Sustainable Shift

Sustainable materials played a significant role in the design of the Pulichino Tong Business Center at UMass Lowell, as this feature in Metal Architecture details.

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