College of Business Administration

Sabah Al-Salem University - Shadadiyah, Kuwait

Kuwait University College of Business - CambridgeSeven

Open for business: crisp details and collaborative spaces define a new complex for Kuwait’s future business leaders.

Kuwait University College of Business - CambridgeSeven
Kuwait University College of Business - CambridgeSeven
Kuwait University College of Business - CambridgeSeven
Kuwait University College of Business - CambridgeSeven

The Project

As part of Kuwait’s ambitious creation of a brand new, world-class university district out of an undeveloped 23-hectare site, the College of Business Administration will be a collaborative and interactive teaching and research complex for six major departments: accounting, economics, finance, management & marketing, public administration, and quantitative methods/IT. It is one of four projects on the new campus designed by CambridgeSeven, including the original Sabah Al-Salem master plan and the district’s design guidelines.

The Approach

This new complex is planned for 4,000+ students and circulation and cultural accommodations for such a large student population were as important as providing the latest in smart classrooms and facilities. For the south facility, known as the Women’s Campus, two long, parallel classroom buildings flank a grand, multi-level congregation space creating the heart of the complex. The north facility, the Men’s Campus, is an additional classroom wing connected by a central oasis plaza. Gallerias with dining and retail shops, exhibit space, lecture halls and lounges bisect the complex and act as a circulation spine through both campuses.

The Result

Designed to protect against the harsh desert climate, the new buildings feature vertical louvre shades and expansive rooflines to minimize solar penetration and maximize natural air flow. Students and faculty can enjoy a variety of informal collaboration spaces throughout the central garden oasis.  The buildings’ crisp lines and the façades’ variegated detailing evoke the studied elegance of a business suit.





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