Broad Discovery Center

Cambridge, MA

Highlighting discovery at a molecular level.


The Project

In Cambridge’s biotech hub of Kendall Square, the science-curious public, passerby and visiting scientists can all be found mingling with some of the nation’s biomedicine leaders in this street-level exhibit that enlivens the lobby of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. The gallery is an engaging journey through scientific innovations and new strategies for treating infectious diseases, rare genetic conditions, cancer, and psychiatric conditions. Displayed on moveable pylons, the exhibits can be shifted aside for private and public functions frequently programmed for this inviting and transparent street-level space.

The Approach

The team applied Broad’s rapid iteration approach to the design process, efficiently developing and refining concepts while building consensus among a large field of stakeholders. The need to keep exhibits fresh and current through frequent scientific updates and breakthroughs, plus the requirement for maximum flexibility in the heavily used 7,500-sf space, CambridgeSeven designed large-scale, moveable exhibit pylons that integrate interactive, digital media to support a range of curiosity levels.

The Result

The bright new museum engages visitors from the street with the information-rich, colorful and dynamic exhibit pylons. Once inside, the information can be read at headline level or explored deeper through interactive links for more intensive exploration. When shifted aside for functions and meetings, the exhibits remain accessible and inviting.

exhibit pylons


research topics


mosaic video screens


touchscreen interactives


featured scientists




We are thrilled to have this new avenue, years in the making, to bring in surrounding communities and share these exciting stories.

Namrata Sengupta, Associate Director of the Broad Discovery Center

Team Leaders

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