Knock Knock Children’s Museum

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Knock Knock Children’s Museum’s mission is to promote children’s intellectual curiosity, self-expression and early literacy development in its community. CambridgeSeven’s exhibits are centered around two parallel and interrelated worlds, “city” and “nature.” Linking these two worlds are threads of literacy and playfulness characterized by opening doors—Knock Knock’s signature motif—that draw visitors back and forth across the path they share, making the journey one-of-a-kind, fun and memorable. The interactive exhibits, organized on two floors, encourage active, full-body play at Ship Shape, foster creativity through music and storytelling, and allow children to role play as mechanics, veterinarians, architects, and crane operators in the city. The Museum also includes an infant and toddler area called Crawbaby, a Parent Resource Center, and an outdoor play space.