Knock Knock Children’s Museum

Baton Rouge, LA

Knock Knock Children's Museum - CambridgeSeven

Designed with a local flair to promote early literacy skills and an interest in STEM education.

Knock Knock Children's Museum - CambridgeSeven
Knock Knock Children's Museum - CambridgeSeven
Knock Knock Children's Museum - CambridgeSeven
Knock Knock Children's Museum - CambridgeSeven

The Project

Parents in Baton Rouge had long advocated for a children’s museum, inviting and accessible to all the City’s youngest citizens. A grass-roots effort and clever budget-conscious design turned their determination into a popular destination for learning through play.

The Approach

The six-acre hillside site overlooking the City-Brooks Community Park, had magnificent views of the city and plenty of mature trees that we wanted to incorporate into the design. The neighboring community of low-rise houses informed the museum’s scale and massing and the location inspired our programmatic organization around ‘Town’ and ‘Nature’ exhibits. In designing the exhibits, we interpreted local influences like a Mississippi tugboat and the nearby Horace Wilkinson Bridge into whimsical opportunities for interactive play.

The Result

Four connected pavilions are staggered along the hilltop to fit between and under the canopies of seven beautiful live oaks. The two-story pavilions house themed learning zones with hands-on interactive exhibits such as a Town Square, Reading Tree and Storybook Climber. The glass-fronted building affords its young visitors with inspiring views and at night transforms into an illuminated beacon symbolizing the community’s commitment to early interventional literacy.

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They've done such a great job of threading our culture through it.

Knock Knock Director of Development, Jessica Gagliano

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