Health and Social Sciences Building

University of Massachusetts Lowell - Lowell, MA

Designed for future expansion and current expectations, a new building heralds the start of a campus renaissance.


The Project

This project brings two colleges together, related in policy and training, in a new building that expands the University’s offerings and enables research and communication across disciplines and encourages interaction between students and faculty. Nursing and psychology programs and criminal justice studies all benefit from close proximity and shared facilities.

The Approach

As the first new building constructed in over 30 years on this part of the Campus, the design uses brick and granite reflecting the City of Lowell’s mill history and the existing campus vernacular. The form, however, is a dramatic departure from the status quo. Organized around a long central circulation atrium, the juxtaposed angular massing creates dramatic visual interest that defines the edge of the South Campus and will transition seamlessly toward the planned larger campus unification.

The Result

The skylit atrium has become the hub of the building, encouraging cross-discipline interaction with multiple break-out lounge areas for informal gathering and studying. Each department occupies its own floor with specialized classrooms and teaching spaces, including technologically-advanced nursing suites, simulation labs, and observation/interview rooms. Large, multi-purpose classrooms on the ground floor open to the main atrium for campus-wide functions.

Total Building Area




LEED Certification


The building brings two colleges into proximity and opportunities for interdisciplinary research. The commonality is that their research and teaching include both public policy relevance and practical training.

Luis Falcón, Dean, College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Team Leaders

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