Discovery Place Science – World Alive Exhibit

Charlotte, NC

Young scientists explore the natural environment in these engaging children’s science museum exhibits.


The Project

The Discovery Place Museums provide young visitors active exploration of science, technology and nature. As part of Discovery Place Science large-scale renovation, our design of the new World Alive exhibit focuses on the biodiversity of our planet.

The Approach

We tackled the broad subject of planet biodiversity with five engaging exhibits on the importance of natural history, biodiversity, tropical ecosystems, and the oceans.  A Mobius strip wayfinding element guides visitors through the galleries and connects and organizes the diverse programming.

The Result

Upon entering, an interactive 6-foot globe with lighting and audio effects introduces guests to the important eco-regions featured throughout the museum.  The Explore More Collections is an investigative gallery that moves natural history museum artifacts typically found behind glass into the hands of young explorers.  The Explore More Life gallery brings biodiversity into the lab with experiment stations, a touch tank, and terrarium/aquarium replete with living creatures.  The Rainforest exhibit transports visitors to a tropical jungle with walkways and rope bridges weaving through the tree canopy and among the birds, reptiles and insects indigenous to this ecosystem.  Finally, the Aquarium exhibit highlights the diverse habitats of the world’s oceans from fragile coral reefs to the North Carolina coast.

Team Leaders

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