Carolina SciQuarium

Greensboro Science Center - Greensboro, NC

Greensboro Science Center Aquarium

First of its kind, LEED-certified aquarium integrating science with the species.

Greensboro Science Center Aquarium
Greensboro Science Center Aquarium
Greensboro Science Center Aquarium

The Project

The first step in our three-phase master plan, this project combines the best of an aquarium, zoo and science museum in one attraction. The expansion adds a SciQuarium, a more prominent entrance and fully re-imagined exhibits that integrate science, conservation and habitat so that visitors better understand the interdependence between the species and their environments.

The Approach

The initial phase of this unique hybrid museum explores water realms. The plan circulates through six major aquatic environments with interactive digital and up-close-and-personal experiences. The exhibits showcase the animals in relation to their natural habitats and each other, both below and above water. They also show the science behind the exhibits, with windows into the pumps and filters that keep the systems working.

The Result

Asian otters play, endangered fishing cats prowl and a 40’ cross section into the Amazon jungle showcase a wide-ranging, yet comprehensive exploration of aquatic environments from predators to penguins using engaging exhibits and informative displays.

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