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See the Progress of Port Wonder Coming to the Lake Charles Lakefront

KPEL-FM - 28 December 2023

By: Chaston Tavares

Published December 28, 2023

It won’t be long and there will be a new children’s attraction right here in Downtown Lake Charles! Progress of Port Wonder is moving right along on the Lakefront here in Lake Charles. For those that don’t get to pass that often, we have got some pictures for you to see the progress of the new attraction.

Aerial view of Port Wonder under construction
Photo taken by Jared Bellard (With permission to TSM)

Plans to upgrade the Lake Charles Lakefront were announced in November 2018. Port Wonder will be an educational, entertainment venue located on the north shore of Lake Charles, in between the Cypress Alligator Pond, and the former Harrah’s parking garage on city-owned property.

During the hurricane, the parking garage suffered severe damage, and in the efforts to upgrade the lakefront, work has been taking place on the parking garage. Work has come a long way on the parking garage.

Rendering of Port Wonder Children's Museum and Nature Center


The project is a catalyst for several other upcoming lakefront development projects, including site improvements, renovation of the parking garage, and the construction of an iconic structure that will house the Children’s Museum of Lake Charles and a Science and Nature Center administered by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Crying Eagle Brewery is also supposed to be headed Downtown to the Lakefront as well.

Aerial view of Port Wonder under construction on the lakefront
Photo taken by Jared Bellard (With permission to TSM)

So, the crew has been working very hard to get the project completed and we are now seeing major steps being taken in the building process. Over the last few weeks and months, construction crews have been continuing their efforts on Port Wonder. It appears they are now working on the inside of the building. Here are some photos that were shared via social media from CambridgeSeven. Here is what they had to say…

The coolest new museum on Lake Charles… coming soon!

Construction of the Port Wonder Children’s Museum and Nature Center is well underway! This addition to the Lake Charles waterfront is slated to hold over a dozen exhibits, focusing on topics ranging from human health in the Children’s Museum to Gulf-specific marsh and barrier island exhibits at the Nature Center.

We can’t wait to see the building construction completed and look forward to the installation of some very cool exhibits. As this project progresses, there will be plenty more to see and share!

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