Kuwait Ministry of Education Headquarters

South Surra District, Kuwait

Helping to educate a country’s future generations with an ambitious new headquarters that organizes, consolidates and inspires thousands of dedicated public servants.


The Project

Kuwait’s Ministry of Education had outgrown its office space. With up to 5000 people and 600 couriers moving through the facility on any given day, the Ministry needed an updated Headquarters to accommodate this influx, consolidate scattered offices, position for growth and provide a home worthy of its noble mandate: to inspire and positively influence the future of Kuwait through education.

The Approach

We were inspired by the rich maritime history of Kuwait ship building, and designed the headquarters as two curved office buildings that overlap to form an interior atrium, reminiscent of dhows passing at sea. That atrium also serves as the monumental public access space keeping visitors and traffic flowing securely and efficiently.

The Result

The programmatic challenges of relocating 8 Ministry departments and 3,600 employees were met with forward-thinking office design and support spaces. The logistical challenge of accommodating employee and visitor cars and drivers was solved with a three-level underground parking garage and easy access to the main atrium.

Total Area


Initial design occupancy


Water wall


Underground Parking Spaces


Seat Auditorium


Media Mesh Screen

10m x 20m

Project Leaders

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