Audubon Aquarium and Insectarium

New Orleans, LA

Metamorphosis of aquarium includes new Insectarium and Butterfly Garden.


The Project

Giant insects, living green walls and swarms of virtual fireflies are among the signature “Wow!” moments awaiting visitors to the redesigned Audubon Nature Institute. Relocation of the Butterfly Garden and Insectarium to this institution’s flagship aquarium on the Mississippi is part of a series of upgrades to strengthen the visitor experience. The Wow moments—unexpected, unscripted encounters—range from surprisingly oversized insect models to interactive video walls to close encounters at the top of the giant Gulf tank to a breathtakingly peaceful interlude in the Butterfly Garden meadow habitat.

The Approach

With a redesigned lobby that sets the mood for the visitor experience through a mix of media wall, lighting and soundscape, the updated ANI features a 27,000-sf Butterfly Garden and Insectarium that combines live encounters, media interactives, vivariums and…”Bug Appetit,” a café with…guess what?…on the menu. CambridgeSeven’s Experience Roadmap reframes the visitor journey to start from the local Mississippi River habitat and guide visitors on a journey through the Delta to the Gulf and onto the Amazon, peppering the experience with unexpected views, penguin encounters, video screens concealed in foliage and proximity-activated surround sound.

insect dishes on the menu


lobby media wall


schooling tank


Team Leaders

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