Howard UIfelder, MD, Healing Garden

Yawkey Center for Outpatient Care Massachusetts General Hospital - Boston, MA

Mass General Healing Garden - CambridgeSeven

Creating a sanctuary for cancer patients, family and caregivers through a peaceful glass garden pavillion atop one of the world’s leading hospitals.

Mass General Healing Garden - CambridgeSeven
Mass General Healing Garden - CambridgeSeven

The Project

How do you bring peace and tranquility to patients and their families, friends and caregivers in a hospital setting? By creating a refuge in the sky, and bringing a bit of nature into a complex environment. The concept behind the Healing Garden was to blend the healing qualities of nature with a place for private reflection; and locate it midway up the building on the roof of the 8thfloor.

The Result

Because some of the views from the rooftop setting are very directional, we oriented the garden towards the Charles River basin and the hills in the distance. A glass conservatory at the garden’s edge allows the outside and inside gardens to flow together during the spring, summer and fall. In winter, the sculptural shapes of the plants and snow-covered surfaces provide a peaceful foreground to the vistas beyond. The conservatory’s louvered overhangs filter the sun and provide a level of detail and privacy at the garden’s perimeter. The outdoor garden has seating bordered with copper clad wall panels. This intimate area provides a transitional space while providing wind shelter and channeled view corridors. More importantly, it creates a much-needed place for rest and contemplation.

rooftop garden


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Perennial Varieties


2006 Healthcare Facilities Design Award

Boston Society of Architects

2006 Honor Award

Boston Society of Landscape Architects

Thank you for this beautiful and quiet space to regroup, meditate, reflect and pray.

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