Expedition Blue

Cape Cod, MA

Cape Cod’s Blue Economy from a new point of view.


The Project

Cape Cod is unarguably a popular tourist and vacation destination with miles of shoreline dotted with beaches, harbors and waterfront dining and remarkable views at every turn. Telling the Cape’s Blue Economy story, which is often hidden in plain sight, prompted the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce to launch this multi-town installation. A blend of kiosks, graphics and small attractions highlight marine-focused businesses, attracting entrepreneurs, inspiring Cape youth and expanding visitor understanding of the rich resources surrounding them.

The Approach

The installations draw inspiration from the early 18th century network of shelters along the coast of Cape Cod, simple 8’x8’x8’ wood shacks, intended as refuges for shipwrecked sailors who made their way to shore. Representative of the resourcefulness and resilience of Cape Cod’s current and future water-based economy, the reinterpreted shelter concept uses cost-effective, durable wood and steel to create a range of structures from shaded kiosks with seating to simple waypoint posts with interpretive signage and the unifying “X” logo and view frames.

The Result

Each waypoint speaks to its immediate surroundings, presents a brief description, and offers digital access to an online library of waypoints at other locations, expanding access to content, regardless of location.  Balancing economy and ecology is an ongoing story on Cape Cod, with an increased urgency for the Cape’s future; Expedition Blue, rooted in nature, tells that story.

framed vistas


history highlighted

400+ years

modular components


2022 Outdoor Exhibits - 3rd Place Award

National Association for Interpretation

Team Leaders

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