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CambridgeSeven Office Reopening Guidelines

Our New Office Reopening Guidelines

We created this helpful digital book to inform our staff about our office reopening plans. While we will not force staff to return to the office before they feel ready, we are excited to put in place new health and safety protocols to allow some team members to return with peace of mind. We decided to share this book with our online audience and anyone who is interested in learning how our office is now operating.

Some new office features and practices include:

  • washing hands at the sink upon entering the office.
  • keeping all doors open so as to reduce surface touching.
  • designated one-way circulation throughout the office.
  • individual reminders for staff to clean their desks upon arrival and before leaving the office.
  • modified room occupancy limits.
  • staff bi-weekly schedule to limit the number of people in the office at any given time.

Staff members wishing to continue working from home may continue to do so. We are fortunate to have adapted very well to remote collaboration and communication and to now have a strong office reopening plan. Staff are encouraged to attend our weekly virtual office meetings and frequently stay in touch with their project teams to ensure smooth workflows. We are glad to say that our office is performing very well during these uncertain times and we feel even more confident in our ability to deliver high-quality design services in any circumstance.