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  • CambridgeSeven 2021 Promotions

CambridgeSeven 2021 Promotions

Jan. 12, 2021

CambridgeSeven 2021 promotions

CambridgeSeven is proud to recognize seven team members this year for their ongoing contribution to our mission of practicing high-quality design that meets the needs of our clients, improves the lives of the people who experience it, and leaves the environment a much better place than it was before we started.

Newly Promoted Senior Associates

Kwesi Budu-Arthur

Kwesi Budu-Arthur manages digital imaging for CambridgeSeven. He applies his expertise in design and graphics to enhance and support the CambridgeSeven brand, providing graphic design for the firm’s marketing and business materials, from ads and awards submissions to interview presentations. In addition to serving as the photographer for nearly all of the office’s completed projects during the past few years, Kwesi also enhances the firm’s conceptual renderings by adding digital effect and layers to create a more modern, realistic appearance. He is also the curator of the Paul Dietrich Gallery at CambridgeSeven.

Amy Hastings, AIA, LEED AP

Known for her skill at managing complex design projects, Amy Hastings brings a unique client-side perspective to her work at CambridgeSeven. As co-chair of her town’s building committee, Amy was responsible for integrating the multiple interests of a successful civic building venture, an experience that informs her current project work, which includes hospitality and aquarium design. Amy is committed to sharing her experience through teaching at the Boston Architectural College.

Danielle McDonough, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

An accomplished young architect, Danielle McDonough has provided architectural design and construction administration for several CambridgeSeven projects, including museums and sports heritage, as well as academic and a multi-media performance space. She is active in the Boston Society of Architects’ Emerging Professionals committees and has brought her design skills to several humanitarian organizations, including Architecture for Humanity, Hands-On Gulf Coast, and Freedom by Design.

Wonyeop Seok, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Wonyeop Seok applies his exceptional design skill and commitment to sustainability on large-scale commercial and hospitality projects at CambridgeSeven. His work has been recognized for several design awards from the Boston Society of Architects, as well as student design distinctions. Wonyeop is an active instructor in area architectural programs, including undergraduate/graduate design studios at the Boston Architectural College, Advanced Design Studios at Roger Williams University and Interior Architecture at Endicott College.

Newly Promoted Associates

Steven Colson

With a background in industrial design, Steven Colson is a critical member of CambridgeSeven’s exhibit design team. His ability to visualize the “how” of an exhibit idea ensures a smooth transition from design conception through fabrication. Steve can often be found in CambridgeSeven’s workshop building models and testing design concepts for new exhibits. A leader in integrating visualization technology in the office, he is a founding member of the Digital Innovation Research Team.

Susan Elmore, CPSM

A lifelong storyteller, Susan Elmore is CambridgeSeven’s Marketing Manager. Her persuasive writing career began with a tearstained letter home from sleepaway camp that successfully resulted in her early rescue. Since then, Susan has used the power of words more judiciously, collaborating with colleagues to tell the stories behind the firm’s extraordinary collection of projects. Susan is a Certified Professional Services Marketer and was a long-time co-chair of the Marketing Committee of the Boston Society of Architects.

Nicole Kleman, AIA, LEED AP

An imaginative and creative architect, Nicole Kleman brings an infectious “can-do” enthusiasm to her projects, collaborating with colleagues to tease out fresh ideas that advance designs beyond obvious solutions. Nicole is a consummate team player and patient mentor, who, when not at work, can be found hiking with her young family or cycling to work in all weather. Beyond her work at CambridgeSeven, Nicole has served as a studio critic at the Boston Architectural College.